Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Wednesday - shoes, decor and hoarding

Do you love a well made shoe as much as I do? boots are the one thing I can't seem to go faux with-- well, and handbags too, I guess. I need good leather when it comes to boots and love a well made heel as well so I often find myself drawn to Nine West. I also love a good sale...a really good sale. I took a little time to shop their current sale and thought I would share with you my top three

Creme de la Creme

Both of the boots are fabulous, don't you think? I know they are still a little spendy  so go ahead and get those heels now and wait for an additional discount to be available for the boots. {I'm such a sale stalker!!} Then natch them up and know they are an investment piece. Good leather boots last for ever and get better with age! I have a pair of Nine West riding boots I bought three years ago, they walked miles and miles in Paris and are my constant go to. I think this year I might need to take them to the shoe repair to have them touched up here and there but I have no plans of getting rid of them just yet. Unless of course I find a new pair on super sale!

Can we also talk about a few random things around the house?? We have family coming in early next week and I have a laundry list of things to get done before them, you know, like slip covering a couch and finally getting my gallery wall up. Lots of DIY art is on the horizon as are long days and evenings. I'm dying over that cockatoo photo....I need something similar to this on my wall.

OK, I gotta go...the cleaning gal is going to be here soon and I need to clean this place up before she gets here. Yep, it's that bad. My little hoarders cleaned their rooms and cleaned out their closets on Monday afternoon. Then one of them came down with a tummy bug before I could get all their piles put away. It looks like a bomb hit up there!! Annnd she just walked through the door so my cover is totally blown.

Happy Wednesday. Linking up with the gorgeous Shanna. Go check out her outfit today and a few other fun random things about her -- and a bunch of other lovely ladies too.

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smk053078 said... that you clean before the cleaning lady comes...I think we all do that!!! And I want those heels and that table your posted from Pinterest....and I would love to see the inside of your house. I bet it is GORG!!! Thanks for linking up! Love ya!!