Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inspiration Station - pinterest

We all love Pinterest don't we? I seriously have no idea how we gathered and shared ideas before we have access to this treasure trove of creative and inspiring things to do and/or just to look at. This week I was struck by this space.

 I adore/need/must have a Moroccan wedding blanket for our bedroom...that's where this pin originally struck me. But after a closer look I also loved the pink geometric what look to be paper ornaments under that glass dome on the bedside table. And so started my pinterest search for paper ornaments DIY. Which lead me to these.....
Source: via Simone on Pinterest

 delish little polish paper stars....which of course led me to this...

 a tutorial on how to make them! Thank you Pinterest!! I have this project lined up with the girls for this weekend. Paper and glitter await! And thanks to Shanna and her Pinterest project and a new link up she found, I'll be linking it up next week to show the proof is in the pudding! Next week, I'll show you the results. Promise!  For today, head on over to the Beautiful Mess Saw it. Pinned it. Did it link up to check out which pinned projects have actually been put to the test by other lovely ladies.
Happy Inspired Thursday.

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Alisa Marie said...

OOOO - can't wait to see the finished project! So cute! Seriously, what did we do with all our extra time before pinterest?