Friday, November 2, 2012

Call of the Wildman - Camo style

It all started with a camo hoodie. I must have put some sort of crazy vibe out into the universe when I bought myself a rather "rugged" hoodie because it has been quite a morning around here! I returned from dropping the kids off at school to one of our newfies standing in the middle of some brush in our backyard... barking worked up he was almost foaming at the mouth. I thought for sure he was stuck.  Cooper is not the sharpest tack in the box if you know what I'm saying..... Here he is at the beach this summer....

He has lots of fur and has been known in the past to get stuck in bushes when his fur gets tangled up. Soooo, I put on some old shoes, and our other dog -- our little dog-- and I  head up the hill to see what  Cooper also know as "Cooter from the backwoods," had gotten himself into. Big mistake! Big!! Cooter had cornered himself a coon...yes a raccoon... and our little dog aka The Bean, caught on real quick. I could see the poor, scared, BIG raccoon backed up into a corner of sticks and branches with no where to go. The major problem was that The Bean can fit under the branches and  brush and could get very close to this nasty beast....which she did. I begged and pleaded, I bribed that little thing offering walks, the park, cookies anything to get her away from that hissing coon. Nothing worked! I called the hubs at work and he told me to just "go in there and get the dog" know, he's seen enough "live action" on TV to know that a raccoon is not going to lunge at a person if you are a few feet away from it. Call of the Wildman?? Seriously?? He and the kids watch that show all the time and for some reason he thinks I should just hop on in there and retrieve the dog. Thanks for the confidence babe, but that's insanity!!. Who does he think I am?? It has to be the camo hoodie!! Maybe I am giving off the wrong impression. Camo is IN!! I'm not that type of gal! Look....I added sequins to my hoodie and I'll only wear it with heels, I swear!

And those pants....
Off to run a few quick errands! #camo jeans today! Paired with grey slouchy #cynthiarowley sweatshirt and a #handmade #clutch.

well I wore those with a sweet little heel too!  Look, I design handbags..... I don't do wildman!

 An hour later as I was on hold at animal control the coon either got away or The Bean gave up and came jogging down the hill like nothing had happened. I'm NOT wearing camo today!  Be careful what you wear, someone might get the wrong impression!

Linking up with av for My Friday's's sweater week over there. I did have a great post about some of my new fave sweaters ready to go but the universe seemed to be pushing me in another direction this morning. Check in Monday for some of my fave winter sweaters.

Also, be sure to swing by Shanna's blog. We are doing a Gardenhouse Clutch giveaway - nothing in camo, I promise!!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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