Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back on the bus

I had the realization today that when things get emotionally .....er....challenging in my life, I tend to retreat. I'm a cancer.... it's in the shell, right? This includes retreating from the blog. I've sat down to post over the last week or so but obviously haven't made it happen all too often. I'm sorry. So I proclaim that today I am back on the party bus! I just can't stay away forever! The holiday season is here. Although I have yet to pull out our Christmas things I have been dreaming up new decor ideas. Avery and I were doing a little shopping a few weeks ago and I found tinsel in the most fabulous colors....a gorgeous coppery brown and an almost rose gold silver color. I couldn't resist....so I bought it all. And at $2 each, it only set me back about $20. I can hardly wait to put it into action!

I'm thinking a wreath for the front door and swags for our spiral staircase. I usually swag lit garlands from our handrail and am really looking forward to mixing it up this year. Honestly, I am tinsel obsessed right now and as I said in a previous post, I'm even contemplating a tinsel tree this year. I told my dad that I was thinking maybe a tinsel tree and he just about disowned me...he said "Have I taught you nothing in life??" lol. We never have we had an artificial tree!! Ever! And that guy is a Christmas lover just like me. He is also a fan of the real tree! He was horrified. It was funny. (to me obvi!)  Part of me reeeeallly wants to just buy one now, the other half of me says just go real again and hit the major sales the day after Christmas. I just don't know if I can wait! I can wait for the perfect pair of shoes to go on sale so hopefully I can hold our for the perfect tree as well. Or maybe I can just find a good one on sale right now. Ahhhh dreaming of a coppery tree with some modern white ornies! Dear Santa.....

I'm looking forward to Christmas, to decorating, and to spending quality time at home.  What are looking most forward to this holiday season?

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