Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - peplum & camo

I didn't wear them together but I think maybe I could! I have been talking about these camo jeans for quite some time they have been sitting in my wardrobe....unworn.

Off to run a few quick errands! #camo jeans today! Paired with grey slouchy #cynthiarowley sweatshirt and a #handmade #clutch.
Monday seemed to be the perfect day for them. Paired with a slouchy grey sweatshirt (s'cuse those wrinkles!!) and some Nine West shoes. The key to this one was keeping everything sort of neutral and adding a dash of polish to the camo pants with a sweet, more refined looking shoe. The clutch was a hit and added that wow factor that every outfit needs.

Yesterday I spent the morning at a really fun fall preview at a PR firm and decided to go polished yet still's LA after all!


Jeans // Tank // Blazer

The BarIII line at Macy's is quickly becoming one of my faves and the best part is that so much of it goes on sale.  I am a serious sale shopper, it pains me to buy things full price, it really does! This peplum blazer is one of my new favorite pieces, so versatile and it's on maj sale! Yay!  You can see many of the lines offerings here as well as on my My Style pinboard.

Now on to those shoes!!  They can be found here. Statement shoes. For sure.

leopard booties 

Paired with a  statement clutch for a little pop of color. 


Now I should really get out of these pj's and into something much more fun and stylish! Hmmm...that has me thinking....stylish pj's that you wouldn't be ashamed to photograph yourself in??  hmmmm..... food for thought! 

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Style Journey said...

Love those leopard booties! They are a statement piece for sure. They look great with your blazer and jeans.