Thursday, October 18, 2012

throw down - faux fur throws in the home

Just like our wardrobes, our home needs to be updated as the cooler weather approaches. One way to ensure a cozy feel in your fall home is to work faux fur into the mix. An easy way to achieve this in with throw blankets.

Throw one over your current bedding. Doesn't this just make you want to cozy right in there with a good book and a glass of vino?? So gorgeous fall-glam-chic!

I love how this throw is sort of masculine and feminine at the same time with the hardy linen pillows and the black geometric print offset by the plush fur throw.

This one screams sexy!!  Seriously....who doesn't want a sexy bed?? Please tell me my 11 year old won't read this....nah, she won't. She doesn't even follow me on instagram because I post "boring outfit stuff!"Good then..... I want a sexy bed like this one! How about you?

faux fur throws

Some great faux fur throws options for your home decor {and a few chic throw pillows as well just because I like you} Oh, and one little tip-- the key to these really enveloping your room is to make sure they will fit the width of your bed completely so measure before you order one.

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annechovie said...

How cozy, Simone! Love my throw.
Have a great weekend! xo