Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Fancies : costume prep

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, I basically go through the motions so the girls have great memories....goodness knows what sort of therapy they would need later in life if we didn't have a proper Halloween. lol. I'll spend the night juggling kids around as both of them will want to trick or treat with friends...different friends. Separately. If I were to dress up, I would be the fashion police.
Fashion Police

Miss Selfridge white waistcoat / Mango leather pants / ASOS wedge sneaker, $61 / Black military hat

Easy, chic and most of this is already in my closet - sans the wedge high tops, but I'm one trip to DSW away from pair of those bad boys! I think some of you might want to call the fashion police on me for the shoes, but I love them and you gotta' own your style!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Rachel said...

Ha! Love it! "fashion police" what an easy and fun idea for a quick costume!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - for sure Fashion last night went to 2 Macy's looking for the Bar 111 pants..none...will have to order on the net & hope they fit & the print looks good & not cheesy. Saw something similar in forever 21 but it was on a 100% poly something...

smk053078 said...

OMG!!! Why didn't I think of Fashion Police???? Love this idea!!! And I am so not looking forward to my girls getting older and wanting to trick or treat with different groups of friends. Oh, the life of a mom! Have a great weekend!!