Monday, October 8, 2012

Breaking and entering....

If there were a house in close proximity, or not in close proximity, that had a banister that looked like this.....

I would quite possibly break in and fight to the death for it. Yes, yes I would. It.Is.Beyond. Those of you who know me know that I kid not about these things!  Certain things are worth the fight!

Happy Monday!

ps-- did a little Halloween decor this weekend that I am SO proud of.... Super chic. Stay tuned for the details!

pss- have you seen the DAMN gas prices in CA? It's wrong I tell you.  WRONG! Vowing to drive nowhere other than kids school and the dance studio this week. Will buy a new pair of running shoes instead of filling tank :) May even walk the kids to school....they will be delighted. (although that would mean getting up earlier so maybe not! lol)   It will be blog worthy for sure!

Happy Monday...again.

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