Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well, thank goodness someone was paying attention! My big flea marketing plans were foiled this weekend when my girlfriend figured out that the Long Beach Flea Market is actually this coming weekend. How fun would that have been? Get up extra early on a Sunday morning, drive an hour only to be greeted by an empty parking lot....or worse. A car show. It has happened before my friends. Yes it has. We decided instead to go fabric shopping, out to lunch and then shoe shopping....clearly just as good. Here's a little stack of goodness I picked up.

fabric stack

The colors didn't photo that well...everything is rich and lush and I have some fabulous pops of color and a few florals to add into the mix of stripes, dots and brocades. Brocades are in for fall. They are all over. As are jewel tones and anything mixed print. You can imagine how happy I am about that! I have been perusing many of the runway shows online for inspiration as well as a ton of mags. Would you believe that I have twice as many tear sheets from Teen Vogue than any other mag? Interesting right?? I think maybe they just take more risks. Love that! I am trying my darnedest to get back into the studio and stay there and focus only on clutches. It is where I should be. I have a ton to do and we are heading to Key West next week. For a full week. Of sitting.on.the.beach. White sand, blue water and cocktails. I am one lucky gal!  It's our first time there. Have you been? Any favorite spots I need to know about?

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lady s - i went to key west years ago & its very quaint - you will love it - very artsy & chic -