Thursday, September 20, 2012

Island time

Well, hello there. I must say I had every intention ofbeing on vacation and sitting at the pool computer in lap, blogging away this week. I was so excited to get ahead of the game for once, you know....have blog posts stacked up and ready to go. And then...then we arrive in Key West where the only priority is...well, there really is no priority..."Island time" is the only measure around here!  Tonight, for the first time in 5 days I actually put on a pair of shoes that were something other than a flat sandal...and I fully had to convince myself to do so! Time spent with family sitting by the pool, kayaking, snorkeling, riding bikes, that is what has taken priority so far.... Key West is fabulous! I am clearly still in a summer kind of mode...which proves to be a bit difficult when the blogging world is in full fall swing. Fact of the matter is, despite a trip to Key West, I know I am not the only one who is in the position. So many of us live in warm weather states where fall really isn't fall. We are stuck in the middle, dreaming of layering and riding boots but facing 90 degrees when we open the door.   So what is a girl to do? Sport a Rachel Roy caftan and statement cuff that will work for all seasons.


Rachel Rachel Roy rachel roy dress / Amrita Singh / Feather jewelry / Yellow gold jewelry / Bracelet
I packed heavy for Key West and have skipped over other outfits to wear this caftan -- twice. I love it!! Aaannd it's on maj sale here!  I'm super happy that it will also work in the fall...or at least when the fall weather finally arrives. Maybe with a chunky belt and a pair of boots and any of those cuffs. Mix in a little burgundy. Fall perfection!

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