Friday, September 21, 2012

Football Fancy

Today is the official last day of summer, is it not? I do believe it is. (But I'm still in Key West and at 5 o'clock today I had to ask the kids what day it was so please don't hold me to that.) It's close...or has recently passed, I promise. So I ask, what does fall mean to you? In my world it has always meant, among other things, the start of football season-- which I love. I don't have a favorite team and don't pay much attention to the TV on game day but we often get together with friends on any given Sunday... it's football, our favorite people, good food, good drinks and laughing until it hurts. Live it up! This year I think we're going to go fancy....imagine how excited the guys will be about this!

Game Day

J.Crew j crew / Brunello Cucinelli mini skirt / Valentino suede booties, $945 / Marni / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacobs jewelry / Boys' long-sleeve #78 football tee

In my ideal world - or maybe it is my dream world-- a super fancy skirt set off by a rugged jersey and suede booties!  In my real world, I'll be rocking that Crew Cuts jersey (yes, its for kids and by the way is on serious sale right now) possibly coated denim and some pointy toe shoes...aaannnnd some seriously fancy clutches are coming to the shop. Sequins? Feathers? You'll have to wait and see. Shouldn't we all live it up on Football day? Life is about making things beautiful, exciting and fun.

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24.63.Set. Hike. Happy Stylish Friday. {so corny!}

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