Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend ramblings.

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? Oh and your past week or that matter?!? I had such a crazy busy week that I didn't have much time to check in around here. But the kiddos are now settled back into school and my official PTA duties are pretty much finished until spring :) So I'm hoping to get back into the full swing of things around here.... including getting back into the studio to design fall bags.
So what exactly is it that has been keeping me so busy? Well, first I was in charge of hosting a back to school breakfast for the teachers at the girls school. We like to welcome them back with breakfast and a little something to start the year off right so I made them whiteboards. They can use them for to do lists or anything else they would like and I have to say they looked really adroable dressing up the tables as centerpieces!

These were so simple to make. I hit the 99cent store for a bunch of frames, spray painted the ones that were ugly, cut scrapbook paper down to an 8x10 size, slipped the paper into the frame and then used bakers twine in different colors to add a dry erase pen. I simply tied the pen to one end of the twine and hot glued the other end to the back of the frame. I bought 30 frames,two cans of spraypaint,  found packages of 6 mini white board makers at target for under $4 each. Ibought a big book of scrapbook paper at Michaels for 50% off and used a 40% off coupon for the twine.  The whole project cost about $95.00. For 30 white boards! These would be so cute as party favors as well as wedding decor or favors.

After a craft filled start to the week, I got the girls off and running back to school. We are sooo pleased with their teachers this year.--They are exactly where we hoped they would be so that's always a great feeling. We are looking forard to an incredible year.  It's Olivia's last year in elementary school...I can hardly believe it!  At the end of the week I spent quite a bit of time turning our playroom bak into a guestroom as well as sprucing up the rest of the house with new pillows and an INSANE etsy find!


Friday night I had a fun night of Bunko with some great ladies. Sported a Peach Pit shirt from Old Navy (paired with floral shoes which I didn't get a chance to photograph) and enjoyed a nice little Chardonnay.

Saturday night we had friends over and had a big Mexica Fiesta. Our backyard was converted ito a badminton's all very official and measured out.  This is what happens when one leaves spray paint out and a group of er... rather competative men get together to play backyard games.

Badminton in backyard. #veryofficial
And that about tops it off. Yesterday we hit the gym, did some work around the house and hung out with our foreign exchange intern...she pretty incredible. I'll introduce you to her later in the week.

Well there ya have it!! How was your week/weekend? Can't wait to see what everyone is up to this week.
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Happy Monday! I feel like life might actually be returning to our usual just-a-scosh-less-than normal. Yay!
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