Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sooooo. Hi there beautiful! Long time no see. I know. For some reason I have just had a blog block...you know, like a writers blog but for this here blog...yes this one. Right here. The one that I have been MIA from since I don't know when at this point! So today I have decided to sit down and push through it. Just MOVE ON! Ya, know?? I am going to blog. Every day. Even if it is just something short and sweet or an inspiring picture. Something!! Today, a quote.

Apropo because I do fee like my mind has been wandering lately. I'll pay more attention to where it goes.
I think I have spent more time than necessary day dreaming about this dress. Really I have. We were in Santa Monica this weekend and it was in the window of the BCBG store. It took my breath away.

sleek dogs

And another fun ditty, scored these adorable puppies at my local flea market today. Lurves!! Don't know where I am going to put them but knew I absolutely had to have them!!  I might have scored a second pair that have spots :) Swing on my my instgram feed to check them out.

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