Friday, August 3, 2012

The countdown...

I hate to be that mom....the one who comes undone come the end of summer...but I was having a moment last night. You can ask my sister in law about it... well you could but I won't give you her contact info because she knows too much. lol. One day she might have a blog.....she's an incredible photographer! Until then, I'll pepper her life with texts about how I may or may not secretly flip the bird behind the bedroom door to one or more members of our family that may be acting "less than stellar" if you know what I mean.... Sometimes it's the little things that get me through! lol. Anyway, today we are off to Denver to visit my other SIL, and her family...which happens to include a 10 day baby boy! I'm DYING to meet the little man. Once we arrive home, the first day of school will be just. around. the. corner. #thankyoulord! (that's my other new thing...I hash tag my SIL via text too! It's funny. And usually contains a swear word or two. You should try it! Def leads to laughter which is a great stress reliever. Anyway, it's Style File Friday so let's talk style. Back to school style. I went to Target to pick up one t-shirt a few days ago and came home with a bag full of cute clothes for the girls. I have to say Target can be very hit or miss for me in the girls dept but this time was a real score. I picked up all the Target pieces below for Avery.

Back to school

My favorite being the knit grey blazer. Adorbs!! They will mix fabulously with the leopard shorts we already got her and a few pieces we'll be ordering from Gap. Do you not DIE over those polka dot smoking loafers...because every kid should own a pair of smoking loafers!! lol. Avery has now landed herself into women's size shoes...this opens up a whole new door for that one...and believe me, she loves herself a good pair of shoes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Happy Stylish Friday! Linking up with the usual suspects.

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Lori said...

I agree on Target being hit or miss for girls! Sometimes I find their clothes to not be age appropriate, but I like the stuff you found!

Head to Toe Chic said...

I have to have those polka dot loafers!!!! They are too cute. Following you now :)