Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Job description.

Style obsessed wife, mom, designer, blogger, treasure hunter, jewelry hoarder, latte queen. Dance mom. That's right! I.Am.A.Dance.Mom. But not THAT kind of dance mom! I often laugh at the many hats I wear. The blog, the bags, the designing--  they really do fall in line after wife, mom, dance mom,  and of course jewelry hoarder, shoe lover and obsessive shopper. ;)
Both of my girls dance on a competitive dance team. This is their third year on team. For the past two years I have sat back and kept a low profile at the studio but word has alas gotten out. I can design. I know fabrics, I will go to the edge of the earth to find the perfect fabric, trim or rhinestone.  SO-- mama has been having a little fun with the pencil. Dreaming up some serious dance frou frou! I have to admit..... It.Is.Fun!

Up late(ish) sketching dance costumes
I can't wait to see my girls dancing in outfits I designed for them!   Another great perk of the job?? Finding some of the most incredible music that I would have never discovered without dance. One of my current faves??? Drehz. It's flat out creative.

Listen to it. Love it. Or I'll go all dance mom cray cray on you!!
There are some much better Drehz songs than this..although I do love this one too! Hit Itunes and check them out. I think you will lurves!  Hope you enjoy!
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smk053078 said...

You have to post the outcome!!! Your style and tastes always rock my socks off!