Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Funny girl

As Avery and I were in the car yesterday evening, I was talking bout going to the gym, she said "can we stop home before we go?" I said of course. "I'm not going to run in a dress and heels"

Dress is an old Bar III (love everything about this line and it's affordable too!!) You can see current line here. Jewelry is Banana longer in stores either. Sorry! I have to say, this outfit was a little thrown together.....I totally could have done a better job and the dress really needed a belt, but some days, a dress alone will just have to do!

Her response: "Well you would run in a dress and heels if you were in a store and you saw the perfect piece and it was on sale and someone else was also walking toward it. Then you would run in your dress and heels"

Yes. Yes I would. She's funny. And spot on.

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Chris said...

Well that's a smart gal you have there! Because I think any woman would run for that reason! True story... I may or may not have accidentally knocked someone over when I saw a pair of yellow hunter rain boots on the clearance rack at Marshalls. Visiting from the link up.