Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The perfect summer shimmy

Seriously. Can't get enough of this song-- the perfect Fourth of July shimmy

It's country at it's finest! Littel Big Town is seriously amamze and who wouldn't want to don a fedora, bralet and high wasted shorts along with a white blazer to sing and lounge on the pontoon with all their friends clad in insanely fab heels?? Dancing around galvanized buckets o' champers. Sign me up!

Ok the buckets of champers were my idea but what evs' is the only think missing from that video...should have styled it myself.

I've been joking (you know, the joking where I'm not really joking) with Brian about wanting to buy an old airstream or camper and totally make it over. How fabulous would that be? We'd go glamping at the beach everY weekend. Maybe when that's done I'll move on to a pontoon boat :)

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