Thursday, July 19, 2012

Party wear

We have another wedding to go to this weekend. We never have weddings so two in a row is a REAL treat! I think everyone should attend at least one a year. It makes you think back to your own wedding vows and what exactly it is you promised to do...mostly to put one another first-- Seek peace, love, cherish, respect. All good things to focus on in marriage. And all things that can fall a bit to the wayside in the chaos that we call life. So it's nice to sit and listen to someone speak about what it takes to make a good marriage. Sort of re-centers me. Anyway, enough with that emo mumbo-jumbo and on to more important things! What's to wear to the wedding?? Well I am going to be sporting a BCBG LBD cut just as low in the front as in the back...and since I'm attending as the bosses wife, I'll be Hollywood taping it in place! :) And now to accessorize -- I went on the shoe hunt in my closet today and just couldn't find anything I fell in love with ... I do have one floral print pointy toe shoe that will work but I didn't absolutely love it....and I DO have to absolutely love it, yes I do! I'm hoping to find a little time tomorrow to run out and take a look around for something better. I should have planned ahead and shopped Zappos. I was searching the internet this morning and found this little piece of Heaven!

Ohhh I die over these shoes. That silk bow at the back speaks to me!! I have issues with things like this....the train of a wedding dress, pretty much anything drapey in BCBGMaxAzria...fabric moves me!! Just like these shoes. They are $490 and they are SOLD OUT! So they will not be gracing my feet this weekend....even if they weren't sold out, I wouldn't be working shoes that cost so much.  Buuuuuut I'm thinking maybe I could embellish a pair of nude heels with bow and get a similar effect. Stay tuned to my instagram feed over the weekend to see what I end up wearing.  Love is in the air!! 
Happy inspired Thursday!

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Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

How amazing are those shoes!!