Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Own it...or not?

"If you own it, no one will even question your style." I tell my girls this all the time! All.The.Time. If you like it and you wear it with confidence {and they know you read Teen Vogue. lol} you'll be just fine. This is my motto when dressing as well {It's also my motto with decorating and making bags.} but I have found something that I reeeeeally want to own and just am not sure if I can. It's the headscarf.

What do you think? I really love the look and I sure think it beats a baseball cap, but I do think it has it's limits - the scarf would definately have to be simple. Maybe a geometric in soft colors? Or a classic Chanel chain link.

Would you wear a head scarf?  Help me on this one..... thanks dolls!

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ps-- no idea why all the scarves pulled from my polyvore have the spelling "scarve" Is that Euro? Anyway, I can't change it....just wanted to let you know I really do know how to spell. :)


The Wooden Spool said...

I have totally owned this look whilst heading to the beach, with cute sunnies. :) Great for keeping the frizzies in place on a breezy day....would be cute if you owned a convertible! My girls have worn a cute headscarf and looked adorb!
Go for it, Simone! YOU of all women could work this look!

Anonymous said...

lady S - as you say its attitude - if you can rock the look - go for it -