Sunday, July 1, 2012

The best potato salad eva'!!

With July 4th just around the corner, I thougt I would share with you my all time favorite go to recipe for BBQ's. It's an easy and super delish recipe for roasted potato salad.  It is one of my staples.  I just went back to the recipe and see that now Bobby is asking to top it with a quail-- DON'T DO THAT!! I have a bevy of quail in our backyard and I don't think they should be eaten!

A go to for summer and holiday weekends. It's a new twist on potato salad...and it can be done on the grill. The recipe used to call for roasting the potatoes in the oven but has been updated so you can do them on the grill in a pan. (you could obvi still roast them in the oven.) Give it a whirl, you will be happy you did and so will everyone else at the party!

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Lori said...

wow, those look delicious!!