Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I am still not showered today...hello 10:30! You sort of snuck up on me today! My overachiever had an awards assembly at school this morning so I was out the door rather quickly. If I were showered and dressed in what I wanted to wear today AND had taken a few minutes to take some photos - this is what I WOULD be wearing.

maxi dress WIWW

Yesterday I SCORED a navy Max Azria maxi dress (as shown above in black) at TJMaxx for $29.00 on clearance. It's TDF! The fabric is a soft ribbed knit and is super comfy and the back has an added wedge panel so it almost has a train...but not. Best, most flattering shape...even though it's not one to be worn if you are planning on having a burrito for lunch, it is still very flattering. After shopping, I threw it on again because I knew it would have to be belted (It's VERY long) to see what belts would work with it and I LOVED my studded pink leather belt along with all of the vintage fish scale belts in have in the shop -the metallic belts dresses it up so much that I would honestly wear this to a wedding. Gotta' love a versatile piece!

So there you have it...what I would be wearing if i were not running just a skosh behind schedule today! Fun stuff coming to the shop at the end of the week so stay tuned.

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