Friday, June 22, 2012

Week end ramblings....

Just stopping in quickly at an hour that I feel like I should already be SOUND asleep! The girls and I are heading out EARLY tomorrow to San Francisco for the weekend. We are meeting up with my parents and a bunch of my girls - the ones I have known since I was 7. LOVE these gals. I'm excited. The kids are excited. One little one had a hard time falling asleep as she gets a nervous tummy before trips (just like her mama did when she was little!) One big one is just so excited she can't sleep so I'm up..waiting on the two of them to finally fade before hitting the hay myself. If I went to bed right this very minute, I would be dragging myself out of bed in 5 hours and 2 minutes....and I'm not even finished with this blog post yet! But not to dwell! I'm really looking forward to spending a few days in SF. Tomorrow afternoon Liv will be heading to the science center with her grandparents and Avery and I are hitting the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the deYoung. To be honest I'm a bit nervous about taking Avery there as Gaultier is a scosh racy....hopefully she'll just see it through her own eyes and not ask too many in depth questions.

Saturday we'll be spending the day doing the usual SF things, along with visiting Sarah Seven-- a fab dress boutique....the stairs in her shop are photo'd above.....I mean seriously!! Who WOULDN'T want to go there???  I need a white, cream or khaki dress for a wedding in Key West in September and am hoping to find one there. You should swing on by online. Her dresses are beyond! Chic and romantic. 

Sunday evening the kiddos head up to my parents place while I return a silent home. What in the world am I going to do with myself without having to answer to "mooooooooooom" 6128 times a day?? I shall enjoy....for a few days and then I will think it is a bit too quiet and start going a little stir crazy. Or maybe not. I have a few fun outings planned with friends. I have a girlfriend who shares my birthday - we are both going to be 29 on Wednesday, yes, that's right. 29. We're planning a day on the West side one day next week to celebrate ourselves! YAY! Monday I'll be heading downtown without having to rush home to pick the kids up by that will be a blast and MUCH more leisurely than usual. Time will fly by and stand still at the same time. Should be an interesting week. Of course I have big sewing plans too....and some DIY projects..... thinking about doing a little stair rehab after the inspiration above! ha ha, kidding.

And do you know that Craft Wars is premiering on June 26th? It's not just craft - It's WAR! Love it! You can check it out on Tori's website here....  It is party worthy....I mean without kiddos here, maybe I should have some friends over to craft and have wine while we watch it. I was able to screen the premier episode and LOVED it! I do think Tori Spelling and I are secretly BFF's...only she doesn't know it....yet :)

Could this post be anymore rambling?? I am clearly ready for bed! And it's officially {Stylish} Friday and I officially have to be up in less.than.5.hours. SO I think I shall go. I will leave you with a little peek into my early Birthday present to myself.

Members only

That would a be a TDF leather moto jacket....c/o Members Only.  That's right! Bringing back the old school. Follow me on Instagram this weekend to see what outfits I'm sporting around the city by the bay.

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Happy Stylish Friday.

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Carly said...

Are you from the city itself? I grew up in Marin, I'm jealous that you're headed lots of pictures!


Swede Dreamer said...

Sounds like a fun weekend in San Fran! Just found you from Fashion Friday~new follower! Hope you will stop over for a visit~Angie

Franziska said...

That staircase is amazing. Will need to pin for later...much much later when I own a house.