Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy's day....

How was your weekend and your Father's Day my lovelies? We had a fab one! Today was beyond enjoyable.

OK this..

Now carry on reading (does that sound bossy??  Oh and by the way...this is a bit longer post that usual) We made daddy-o breakfast, showered him with prezzies, the girls helped him wash his car and then we spent the afternoon at our health club, chatting with friends and goofing off in the pool. I was so happy that some of our friends were there-- a couple that I absolutely adore hanging out with. Genuinely kind and positive people are a rare breed it seems sometimes! I have a lot of friends who are either divorced or just flat out unhappy in their marriages and I think that stinks! I ADORE Brian.... Slightly obsessed actually! {I have been since we met when I was 19!} So it is always refreshing to hang out with another couple who like each other as much as Brian and I like each other! (By no means am I saying that all my friends are negative or in bad marriages - really just like 50%-- which still does kind of suck! lol) Anyway, Erica and Eduardo are fabulous parents and just an all around great couple. Today we were talking about how we met our spouses and when we got married. They were married at about the same age as us within a year of meeting. Brian and I were married at 23 and 24. We had been together for 4 years. We talked about whether we thought our kids would get married at younger age. I said yes. Brian said probably not because he thinks the dynamic of marriage is changing. I can see that...BUT I know I am the wife and mom I am because of the example my parents led. They met when they were 16!! And have been married for ever!! 45 years or something INSANE like that! And they still adore each other!! They are so tolerant and understanding of each other. So dad {and mom} on Fathers Day - THANK YOU for being such a great example!  And Brian, thank you for being such an amazing father, a great example to our gorgeous girls, an attentive hubby who is always willing to listen and think and accept and advise.  There is no one in this world I would rather share my life with.

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 Daddy's be good to your daughters...

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smk053078 said...

Melt my heart!!! This was so sweet!! You are both lucky to have one another! I am a pretty lucky lady myself!

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

So sweet! Loved everything about this post! You are setting a wonderful example :)