Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prosecco + Popsicle

I recently had to throw together a quick cocktail to bring to a friends house. Since I can be very last-minute-Lucy I had time for one trip to the store and that was time to make anything. Sometimes the best things come from being in a crunch.

image via Bliss Celebration Guide

I grabbed a box of the pure fruit popsicles in berry flavors and few bottles of prosecco and wa-la!! Crowd pleasing cocktails without any fuss!! If you get the smaller popsicles like I did, they look really wonderful in Champagne flutes...although that doesn't leave the most room for prosecco so maybe you could opt for a big red wine glass! Are you entertaining today? If so, give this one a whirl! So easy! Summer is upon us.....that makes mama happy!

ps- You should head over to Bliss Celebrations to see the images from this event...TDF!!  Chic and lovely!

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