Saturday, May 26, 2012

Magic.....slushy magic

I should know better than to send Mr. H to the store with either of the kids! They always come home with the things I say no to. I think I am going to ban them from the "As seen on TV' aisle starting now. First it was Eggies.. This evening, one little one and one big one went to the store to pick up few bananas and some strawberries and came home with the Slushy Magic! Most were excited. I was not. Couldn't believe anyone would spend 15 bucks on a few bags of salt water....until I found this.

Thank you cocktail Gods, and the Big B who has a hard time saying no to our children at the store.. It IS a holiday weekend. I WILL be making slushies of some sort...and I might even go return that unopened second box of Eggies for my own Slushie magic...God knows I won't see much action with the one Slushie Magic we have now due to the amount of kids we have here on any given weekend :) I'm not is good! Happy almost holiday weekend! Cheers to the slushie magic!

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Lori said...

How funny!!!! Glad to know there's a grown-up use!

Lucija said...

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