Friday, May 4, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know.....

What's going on around here?? If you live in the area or follow my blog or facebook for that matter, you most likely know I have been unloading A LOT of decor and de-stashing the studio a bit. My non-garage sale sale went really well! Thank you to all my local ladies who came by! And those of you that missed it, shoot me an email and I can arrange for you to come on over. I got the feeling that quite a few of the gals who were here buying things reallllyyy wanted to know what was going on inside...I had a lot of questions about where I was going with decor now. So, I thought I would share a little peek of what is going on in the house....moving to a more sleek refined look, but still plenty casual for a summer full of entertaining and kids! We always have a house full!

My paint swatches are up - six of them, actually- grey is tough! But I believe I have found the perfect shade. Mom arrives tomorrow, paint brush in hard! She is the BEST!! Aren't all moms??

Since Mother's Day is next weekend I have decided to help you in your shopping....or your hubbys in theirs ;) all foldover clutches are 15% off thru Monday. Use promo code MAMANEEDSACLUTCH in the shop all weekend long. Happy shopping! And happy stylish Friday.

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Lori said...

Your new decor is nice! Looking forward to pics of it all together!