Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Green with envy

What do you think about the color green for interiors? I am seeing it ALL OVER right now and am madly in lurrves with it! Full on green walls...

I die - I do- I die over this!!  I think I would only be able to get away with this one in a smaller room and our downstairs bathroom is already painted black so I think that's out. I'm sure Mr. H will be happy to hear THAT! That man put's up with a lot when it comes to my interior shenanigans!

Look at these kitchen cabinets! BOLD! A large set is needed to pull this one off....love it!  Maybe I could somehow convert a coffee able to look something like this....hmmm.... idea rolling there! And I need a new coffee table. {I'm sure Mr. H would agree. lol}

For a more subtle approach...if you can call kelly green subtle....an upholstered bed.

This is do-able...more than do-able!! My dad can whip up the frame and I'll upholster away. Mom, I know you are going to read this so please show this to dad ASAP. Thank you :) So glad the guys in my life support my habit!

Hope ya'll had a fantastic holiday weekend. I have a laundry list for this week....and just got a call from Miss A at school that it is a minimum day today, they'll be finished at noon. gah! Must run!

ps- I'll share my green curtains with you once they are up - hopefully by the end of this week! ;)

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sweeter than cupcakes said...

These pictures look beautiful; however, I painted a bathroom kelly green very similar to your first picture. It was pretty bad. The toilet seemed to glow green. Just a warning for those smaller spaces!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - Green is chic but make sure you get a clean bright green as it can look dated also. Valspar Paints from Leows has some nice greens & dont forget about oversized green pillows. I have 2 from Pottery Barn shams that seem to work with everything.
Enjoy - MOX

annechovie said...

Love green and can't wait to see your curtains, Simone! xo