Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Computer Spray Tan!

I am clearly not spending enough time in the 'What I Wore' pics needed a little quick creative editing...a little "built in"  but I had such a busy day today that I didn't have time to do much more! It's a computer spray tan! So here's the run down for today. (Look!! There are my new grey walls!! And my gallery wall is still gathering there on the floor!)

Color block silk top, oxford blue shorts, Steve Madden chevron heels and an amaze coral bead vintage necklace. These heels are not to be dealt with lightly...they are for sure at the top of my height limits! I did spend most of the day at home taking photos and updating the shop with new vintage jewels - running around barefoot but when I ventured out, it was in these...and my grocery store trip was not as quick as it would have been if I were in flip flops. Hells...ha ha ha Freudian slip there! HEELS are always worth the extra time ;)


Yesterday I was in much comfier shoes....Tory Burch flip flops and a Bar III jumpsuit. Bar III is one of my fave lines right now. Macy's carries a great selection - even our local so-so Macys! When I bought this I also scored a FAB pair of floral print shorts. I'll share those soon. Promise. If you are looking for something to wear...something to pump up the wardrobe you already have...hit the shop! Loads of vintage goodies were added today. Accessories make all the difference!

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Anonymous said...

lady s - your outfit & the steve M's are tres chic.