Friday, April 20, 2012

A stylish ribbon belt tutorial.

I'm under a rock once again! Sorry to have missed my usual Wednesday and Thursday posts. I'm going to load them all into one post on style today. It's stylish Friday, it will highlight what I wore on Wednesday and I"ll even wrap in a little tutorial. I guess if I'm going to be MIA I need to make it count when I am here!

Wednesday was about 85 degrees here. I spent the majority of the day in the studio working on a prototype for new totes. {I am not in love with the old tote styles and really want to make something I love...hence the reason there are no totes in the shop yet. I need for them to be perfect and something that I would carry in a flash..I'm almost there!} Where was I?? Oh yes, the weather and the dress. Since it was so warm I really felt a maxi dress was perfect for the day. I wanted to be super comfy schlepping around the studio so decided on a Old Navy maxi dress that I had gotten last year...I seriously think I paid like 7 bucks for it or something insane like that! And I felt like 7 bucks in it too! So booooorrring! At first I thought I could just add a little jewelry and would be good to go but nothing was working. It needed a belt. A bright pop-statement-making belt...and a brooch! So I headed out to my happy place to make something fun.
I decided on a gorgeous grosgrain and a vintage brooch.  Easiest and quickest outfit transformation ever!!

Here is how you do it....

Wrap the ribbon around your waist and overlap it by about 2 inches. Cut it.

Hem both ends. I hemmed one end under and one end the seams would be on the opposite sides. (one nice thing about this ribbon is that there is no right side...both sides are the same. Not sure if that would work on a ribbon that has a clear right and wrong side. If you have any questions about what will work, my advice would be pin everything in place and then wrap it around your waist to see if it all lines up properly.

Cut 2 pieces or Velcro. I cut a 1" strip of the harder rougher side and a 2" strip of the softer side so the belt could be a little adjustable. 

Pin and sew the Velcro onto the end of the ribbon. Again, I sewed one to the top side of the ribbon and one to the underside of the ribbon. The rougher 1" piece should be sewn on the underside and the softer 2" piece should be sewn on the right side of the ribbon.

Slide a brooch on and wa la! Finito. Take a boooorrrring old maxi dress to a new level all in about 15 minutes!

Wondering where you can get an affordable maxi dress to make your own?? Here ya' go!
Happy Stylish Friday (and what I wore Wednesday and Inspiration Thursday!) Now I need to get back to my garage!!  Prepping for tomorrow mornings decor sale.

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