Thursday, April 26, 2012

A sneaky little secret.

Maybe I will just turn it into "What I wore Thursday!" lol. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning as I have to be in Avery's class at 9:45 and she has once again reminded me that gym clothes are not only not acceptable, but also embarrassing. So the pressure is on.

I have a secret I should share with you -- a quick shot of what I wore on Tuesday....

Don't tell anyone but that top is actually a pj top... Cynthia Rowley has the most luscious fabrics in sleepwear! And it is all chic enough to wear during the day...well, almost all of it...these pants would make quite a scene!  I swear I didn't wear these out of the house!!

The lipgloss is from Miss A's Hello Kitty palette. Yes, I wear pajamas and kids make-up sometimes {and I leave the house that way tooo!}! I am obsessed with this gloss....the perfect shade of coral/ red/ orange! LOVE it! Of course it is not available to buy alone.

And just when you think it couldn'tt get much better - that's a sock bun - so yes, there a sock in my hair!

So Avery, my gym clothes might not be so bad...better than pj's, kid make-up and socks in my hair! Chic..... ha! Can I redeem myself by saying I also work a Kate Spade cuff bracelet?? Didn't think so.....

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