Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Round it up!

Have you heard about my jewelry struggles.?? Or should I say my jewelry organization struggles? My obsession with accessories makes it a bit difficult to find a good spot to lasso it all.

Today I took a little time to scale things down a bit, get rid of anything that I haven't worn in a very long time and at least get things into some sort of semblance.

I am now even more convinced that a small armoire will do the trick perfectly. There is one sitting in the garage.... I am positive Mr. H is about to lose his mind over the state of our my garage if I don't make some moves pretty quickly. Things will get better, I promise. If you live in the area, April 21st is looking like the perfect morning for me to have a decor sale...be on the ready!

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Anonymous said...

Lady S - love your gems...is there a chance that maybe the sale could be on-line type...maybe in the gardenhouse shop...