Monday, April 16, 2012

Open and shut eye!

Well hello my lovelies! I've missed you all! So sorry for missing a few posts at the end of last week. I ended up taking on a little project for the girlsl dance recital at the very last minute so spent a bit of time making a throne...when I should have been blogging. There are times something just has to give..and the evil queen in Snow White had to have somewhere to site afterall. Nothing like a last minute rush for a key prop! I swear I need to learn when to just keep my big mouth shut! lol. Now that I have made a throne, made bear costumes for the ballet and have offered to fix our less than average Egyptian costumes that we paid $96 to have "custom made" the secret is out...I can make things....and they tend to be rather pretty when I do. It was fun to see my work in action, I have to say. The girls had their dance recital this past weekend which entailed a total of 18 hours of dance chaos (organized chaos, of course) think false eyelashes, bright red lips, 17 different costume changes a day between the two of them (no joke 17!!) and one very proud mama!

I cannot believe what amazing dancers my girls are becoming! I also cannot believe how much both of them love being on stage! I'll blog a bit more about this once I have some fantastic pics to share....we have a dance photo shoot set up with the fabulous Sara Ancich in a few weekends. Of course this has set my wheels in motino of scouting locations and what to wear! Oh my! I tell SIL was right when she said it must be exhausting being me. My little mind just doesn't stop. The other dance moms always laugh at me because there are very few dance costumes that I could add to. One of them said "I'd love to see a finished costume that you don't think needs anything...I told her "You will. I'll design Olivia's solo costume next year." :)  Kind of feel like I am rambling..... I have had minimal sleep. I think I should head to bed. I promise to be back to "normal programming" tomorrow...or Wednesday at the latest :)
On a completely different and still rambling note. The shop is OPEN!! Did you see?? Go check it out.

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Lori said...

Oh how awesome!! My daughter dances, too! Such a wonderous thing to watch them grow and develop in!

The Wooden Spool said...

Super awesome! Lucky girls, lucky Momma! You all make a great team!!! I am laughing out loud, cuz ppl. have told me the same about "it must be exhausting to be me." hahahaaaaa....My mind even works in my sleep! LOL (seriously)

annechovie said...

Your girls are lovely and you are so talented, Simone! Thank you for your very sweet and encouraging comment, too. Sorry it took so long to respond! xo