Friday, April 27, 2012

Make a statement!

I am on the run out the door this morning to check lighting for our photo shoot tomorrow as well as run downtown for dance costume trims. I did manage to finally get some good pics of some of the vintage jewelry pieces and get those listed in the shop.

Swing on by....I am suuuuuurrree there is something you cannot live without. Every piece I listed this week is my new fave! lol.

 I seriously just cannot get enough of vintage jewelry. It's really great to have pieces that no one else has as well as pieces that can take any ho hum outfit to the next level.

 Kate Spade knows what she is talking about when she says accessories are the staple of her wardrobe. I couldn't agree more, Kate! Happy Stylish Friday! Be sure to work some vintage accessories - and handmade bags - into your wardrobe this spring and summer!

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Lori said...

These pictures draw me....on my way to check out the shop ;-)