Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

So I have to give myself some kudos today-- because I really didn't feel like getting dressed at all! Which is crazy because I always love to dress up. I literally had to force myself out of pj's and did it purely for What I Wore Wednesday. So what does one wear when they feel like slouching in pj's all day? A maxi skirt (That blue one from Target that was in Friday's Style file) and sweatshirt of course! 

sweatshirt from gap a few years back-- still one of my faves even with a little paint on the sleeve!
Necklace-- Vintage

And a vintage snake belt/necklace/bracelet...worn around the neck this time! The necklace is in perfect nik and I HEART it! One of the girls at dance tonight told me my necklace scared them! ha ha ha! I love it! I'll keep that in the back of my mind for future use!

Yesterday the UPS man delivered a few goodies - I revamping my shoe wardrobe...maybe I'll share more about what goodies were dropped at my doorstep in next weeks WIWW post. Stay tuned! And of course I'll be posting a bunch of sneak peeks of what will be hitting the shop once it re-opens in mid-April. I am flat out obsessed with this green fabric! It's from Jennifer's Crazy Love line. Sometimes I think she designs fabric just for me! I am sure a lot of people feel like that. If you like color, she gets you! And you get her!

Can't wait to re-open the shop!!  I'm feeling So re-energized in the studio and it seems to be seeping into every  aspect of my life!! Life is good!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy once again! And also with Work It Wednesday (so fun, right??) at         A little bit of laquer.  Swing on over there for lots of outfit know, when you need that extra push to get out of the sweats!!

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