Friday, March 30, 2012

Pop of Neon

Can you believe neon is back?? I have been debating whether or not I am into it and the more I see little pops of it here and there, the more I like it. There is definitely a right and wrong way to it to your wardrobe, I personally think small pops are best. Stick with accessories on this one...and nothing too expensive as it will be gone before you know it as well!  I love the look of brown, earthy skinnies and somewhat unexpected tee and then a fun little dazzle on the neck along with a pop of ultra bright on the feet! How cute is this look?
Pop of Neon

I'm totally unmotivated today-- moving slowly after a fun night out with friends at a local bar- total dive! We had a great time!  Always fun with my girls.....funny that this morning I got an email about a deal on Zaca recovery patches - rush shipping too! lol. Would have been nice to know about these yesterday! I'll keep those in my arsenal for next time. And no to motivate myself to finish tutus and animal ears for Avery's ballet class! Deadline 4pm. Must run!

Happy Stylish Friday!

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Tamera Beardsley said...

So agree with your view of neon! Lovely blog, thanks so for visiting mine!