Friday, March 2, 2012

Insta style

Are you on instagram? I'm a newbie but am loving it and totally addicted so far. I spend some time on it while waiting for the kids to get out of school....have to do something other than look through mags right? I think you'll see my instagram photos show what I am doing in the car. I usually grab the mail on my way to the car and then sit and wait for the I post a lot of tear sheets on Instagram. Hence the Friday Style File post a la Instagram.

Two tear sheets of note from last week.....

Marni is doing a line for H&M. Launching march 8th only in select stores. I'll be there with bells on. DVF doing a line of girls dresses for Gap - quite possibly the most epic collab of all time. And adult juice boxes....just in case I need something to drink while waiting in the car for the kids. ;)

A J Crew look--leopard pants and zebra shoes? Loves? or not. I'm actually on the fence about it.

Oh and a shot or two of what Instagram is really supposed to be about...capturing and documenting life in a fun artistic way. 4" heels should not be the shoe of choice when upholstering a headboard.

And the weather in Santa Monica was fabulous today.

Happy stylish Insta-Friday. Linking up for the first time with a bunch of other Instagram lovelys over at Life Rearranged. Are you on Instagram?? Swing by (simonehowell) and say hi if you are!

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