Monday, March 19, 2012

Glitter Globe - A tutorial

Happy Monday beautiful! Do you have big plans for this week? It's freeeeeezzzing here and I am feeling sluggish and just want to crawl back into bed. Monday morning with no coffee in the house makes for a  dragging mama! So...before I dash out to Starbucks I thought I would try to jumpstart myself by sharing this fun project I did for Avery's room.....glittering the world should put some spring in anyone's step, right??

I found a vintage globe light at the Goodwill for $7...the fact that they had one when I was actually looking for one is a small miracle! That never happens! I also chose to use Martha Stewarts glitter and glitter glue. Her glitter is finer than most and I wanted a smoother  and very sparkly look.I am sure you could use regular glitter and mod podge or just some watered down glue.

Step One-- Take it apart! I took it apart and took the bulb out as I was not going to use it as a light.

Step Two-- Spray paint that bad boy SILVER! And let it dry overnight.  I ended up rigging the globe up on an old toy racket so I could spray the whole thing at one time - I am a very impatient crafter!! One note on this-- I debated as to whether or not to pull off the tape around the middle of the globe as I could not tell if that was what was holding the two pieces together so I decided to keep it on. If you know that the globe will hold together without the tape, pull it off.

Step Three-- Set up a tray or something to catch the glitter or you will have a giant mess on your hands (I used an acrylic tray and some old wrapping paper) Quickly cover half the globe with the glue. You need to work fast as I found it dries pretty quickly and turns into a bit of a mess if you have to go back and add more. 

Step Four-- Sprinkle glitter all over the glue. Shake off and repeat. Let this dry for a few hours, then repeat with the opposite side. Let this dry overnight then give the globe a good shaking off or it will shed glitter for days! 

Step Five-- Put the globe back together and cut off the electrical cord - clearly make sure it is not plugged in before you do this!! After I put this back together, I actually let this sit outside for a few windy days as I didn't want glitter shed all over the house. It now has at home on a shelf in Avery's room. Every girl should have a glitter world!

Happy Monday! Hope you have a sparkly week!

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