Thursday, March 22, 2012

fabric + sparkle

Have I told you about my jewelry organization issue? lol. Well, my jewelry is still all over the place on our bedroom and currently there is no end in sight! Yet I have managed to find a spot for something new - you know, a necklace I just couldn't live without! lol. 

This one has a purpose, I's a 110% justifiable purchase! On the topic of jewelry, I go through endless amounts of vintage brooches every year. Most of them don't stay long-- they are pinned to a bag and out the door they go-- but there are others that seem to linger. I'd love to say it is because I just can't find the right bag for them...but honestly, I think I just like them a little too much! 

It was love at first sight for me and this little luster turtle!!  He and I are hanging out today!!  I have been dying to wear him but I do realize I am not a big just-wear-the-brooch type person For some reason, unless you have a lapel or cowl neck to pin them on, brooches just look a bit funny to me, so some of my faves have just sat there....waiting. Until one day I spotted this fabulous necklace (of course originally found via pinterest, ah my lovely pinterest!) and thought - my turtle would love that!!  As would many of my other brooches that are just laying around! Yay! Purpose!!

The possibilities for this are endless!!  Similar necklaces can be found in this shop. My necklace arrived promptly and is gorgeous in person. Very well make and very lightweight which will be nice for summer.  I also love this necklace and think it would look AMAZE with this or this or this vintage brooch pinned to it! So easy to get carried away!

You can peruse etsy for fabric necklaces and both etsy and ebay for vintage brooches 'til the cows come home (you know, that's like foreva'!!) I'll also be starting to make the flea market rounds again soon as the shop will be re-opening in mid April so along with bags,  I also hope to have some vintage jewelry to offer. I promise I'll share the good stuff too!

Happy inspired Thursday!  Now off you go to dream up your own necklace brooch combos.
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