Friday, March 9, 2012

Dresses for all!

It's Friday! Stylish Friday! Yay!! An image popped up on my facebook feed this week that immediately drew me in. After a little research I found it was part of the D&G Spring 2012 show....scarf print and mixed pattern dresses.
Boho in the making
They are TDF! Paired with a chunky natural looking heel, or flats for the girls. I could see myself AND the girls in these...although the girls will need to have straps. Of course mama is not going to be springing for D&G dresses for anyone in this household...but I can certainly sew up a few! Chiffon might be a complete nightmare to work with......I'll be doing a little research on the best way to sew this fabric.  Anyone have suggestions or tips??  I found a few great prints at Joann's believe it or not! A few are in the polyvore above and the rest photographed here.

Head on over to Joann's to pick up a few....the two on the bottom were bought at my local Joanns and paired with a little Art Gallery fabric - It's the PERFECT match.  Thinking I'll be using the quilting weight fabric for the bodice.  I'm going to be scouring downtown for a green scarf print chiffon to tie it all in.

Happy Stylish Friday.
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