Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIWW and a bit of a rant....

It's the good, the bad and the ugly all rolled in to one today.
What I wore yesterday....

Loved everything about this outfit. The Sweater is Old navy - on maj sale this week...I bought it specifically to wear on Valentines Day...if you hurry, they might still have them on sale for 10 bucks! yes ma'am!The jeans-- Seven for All Mankind, as yooosh (short for usually- how annoying am I when I shorten my words! lol) Shoes.....Romantic Soles (perfect for Valentines day I must say!!) And that little sparkler in the top corner?? A vintage Sarah Cov tassel necklace.

And now the rant!! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to stop the bickering between my kids!!  It is making me INSANE!!  Last night afer a really great day - where everyone was feeling good, dressed well and the girls even went to school in heart shaped french braids (yes, i thought I was mom of the year!) ended in yelling- them at each other and then that set me off! They should have had a great day yesterday, every other Tuesday they have absolutely no activities after's literally the only day they don't have something going on other than weekends. And normally it's a fun afternoon. They relax after school instead of blasting through a snack and homework to get to dance. (maybe they are over scheduled!?!) We got them a cake pop maker for Valentines Day. ONE cake pop share. They use to be able to share so well but I am not sure what is going on lately. They happily got the cake pops made with no problems but then once decorating time came along, so did the relentless bickering! And it just goes down hill from there. I usually just end up taking away what ever they are bickering over. I'm literally at my wits end. They might come home from school today with nothing. ZERO. no tv's, no phones, no computers, no curling irons, no shared bathroom. NOTHING!   Yes, we had a rough morning too! Avery was curling her hair in front of Olivia's drawer. Liv needed to get her toothbrush so she kindly asked Avery to move over so she could get to it. Avery front of the sink... so Liv asked her to move back so she could get to the sink. Avery responds with "I was here first. Can't you just use that half of the sink over there." And once again. it pretty much all goes down hill from there. Avery is yelling, Olivia is rolling her eyes.  I this really how it is going to be??  I just want to hide under a rock. I'm pretty sure it is my fault in one way or another....or so it feels. Should I figure out a plan to separate them in the mornings so they are not under each others feet...or do I force them to make it work? Gosh it seems like it should not be this hard. Don't they know there are kids out there who don't have a bathroom at all?? I've been using that approach a lot lately...I don't think it is working.... clearly.

The house is quiet now - save the sounds of the cleaning gal downstairs....ahh life is good. I need to remember that! I'm shifting my focus, hitting the gym then getting Avery's room finished. Moving on.

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Bonny said...

I'm sure every Mom that has more than one child relates to this! All 3 of my children are 6 years apart and we still went through this thing every morning at the breakfast table! He's looking at me (well don't look at him) this would go on until I finally would walk out of the room. Haha. I have no clue how my sweet mother ever put up with my twin sister and I .. But this too shall pass!!!

Loved your color combo yesterday! One classy girl !!!

Mande said...

Love your WIWW ensemble. The red peep toes are my favorite!
My sisters and I are in our 30's and we still drive our mother batty! I am sorry, I don't think sisterly love is going to change anytime soon. Wine helps....and taking away the computers, etc might help for the short term. Hugs my friend. XOXO