Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I Wore's apparently not as cool as I thought!

Apparently I am not as cool as I think I am. I was running around yesterday in my cute little outfit with what I deem to be the most fabulous bag around!

Top is from Target - last year sometime.
Jeans- Seven for all Mankind
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Watch - La Mer
Bangles- Forever 21 and vintage
Clutch- Gardenhouse! Handmade Chic!!  Fabrics are Paula Prass Botanika and some random cut velvet I found downtown.

I picked the girls up from school and just after greeting me with a fleeting "Hi" Olivia looks at my fab new clutch sitting in the passenger seat and says "Oh my gosh! What is that??" "It's my new bag. Do you like it?"Liv shrugglingly replies "It's pretty but it's huuuuggeee" I say "Oversized, baby. Isn't it fab?"
That of course was met with a swift eye roll and this response "Today, we had to define the word fabulous. I defined it as 'a word my mom annoyingly shortens to FAB and uses all the time' Then my friend and I started talking about how we think it is annoying when our moms try to be cool. And mom, it's really annoying when you shorten all your words." To which I responded "Whatevs'!" ha ha ha!  Another eye roll! Life is good! It's funny!

On a completely polar opposite note, last week, I worked in Avery's class and came straight from the gym-- and let me preface this by saying I don't sweat too much and always dress cute for the gym so I look presentable walking out of there. As I walked into Avery's class, her jaw dropped, she came running over to me and said "OMG, mom. I can't believe you are in your gym clothes!" She took that photo above of me yesterday and also took this one...

I asked why she took a pic of just my shoes and she said "Because I know you love your shoes" I'm glad one of my offspring still finds me amusing, fun and fashionable!

So I'll still be rocking out that oversized clutch around town today...along with a totes (totally) adorbs (adorable) outfit.... and if I feel like swapping out bags, well this one is large enough to put a 16" square pillow in and toss on the couch....or start a pillow fight with one pre-teen who seems to think she would rather have a less stylish and less fun mom! Whatevs'! *wink wink.*

And a little PS-- I'm going to link up with The Pleated Poppy WIWW posts, wvwn though it is Thursday already! ;)
pleated poppy

Annnnnd, I just got a call from the school nurse that my Olivia was "accidentally tripped" at lunch and is pretty scraped up. She was bandaged up and sent back to class. There is a boy at school who has had a crush on her for a long time, he finds it amusing to throw balls at her head when they are playing games. I've pretty much had enough of his behavior. IF it was him that "accidentally tripped" her I'll be marching my oh-so-stylish designer heels right up to his front door and giving him a not so abbveriated, not so shortened, not so fab tongue lashing.So yes,  I guess I can be "not cool, too!" Because, you see, those girls of mine are TDF, and I will do anything for them...other than stop talking like a valley girl ;) Haaaaa, I crack myself up!

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Anonymous said...

Gardenhouse Lady - looking superstar! - the shoes are FAB - the entire ensemble is Fab...beyond Cool. No worries - the Girls are just not there are too advanced for them is what you need to let them know.

Anonymous said...

That is very funny and I am sure if I give Hope a few more years, she will be saying the same thing about me! I think your outfit is TDF and Totally FAB:...Totally!

Ruth said...

You're killin me Simone!!
just. shut. up.
only you could pull off that FAB outfit!
I'm having terrible shoe envy over here too!!!
My girls are always rolling their eyes... not only do I shorten words but then I double them ;0
go ahead try it.... you'll get a double eye roll...