Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swimming up stream.

At a lunch with a dear friend this week,  we were discussing our business plans and how similar we are in our approach to getting things done. I have told myself that I will not start on anything else until Avery's room is finished and after talking with her, I feel like that may not be the best tactic -- because it just means that everything else in life goes down the tubes. I sort of fell like I am on a stationary bike this week so far.  I have been busy trying to get Avery's room finished this week....completely done. ASAP!! I swear it should not take this long. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't always wear the best shoes for crafting! )This is a shot of my boots from yesterday as I was making her fabric covered headboard!

I did finish the Union jack table..... it tested my sanity for sure! lol. Of course this means that my plans to re-open the shop have been pushed back, as have a number of other things on the list.

Today I am working on Avery's Lady Gaga hat for her toastmasters speech tomorrow.....channeling McQueen for a lobster hat! lol. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure it will entail using the dreaded glue gun which means I'll have blisters somewhere. I have no idea what my problem is with glue guns! I burn myself EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

Even though sometimes I feel like I am just treading water, I do think I am making progress.
I feel like I have a more clear plan for Gardenhouse and am excited about opening back up....after I finish Avery's room. Gahhh I need to get out of this box! lol. I'll share photos of her room once it's complete....which will be the end of this week come hell or high water!! I think an all night sewing marathon is in order!

Do you have any suggestions on how to manage the chaos?? I think I need to compartmentalize by day?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - aside from change the shoes! lol.
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