Friday, February 24, 2012

Something to hold on to....a somewhat rambling post.

As I have been decorating my way through the last few months, I have been digging deep, thinking about what direction Gardenhouse should go...if any. I read a tidbit that the super stylish Bri Emery or Rue Mag and Design Love Fest fame said in an interview and it was such a light bulb for me. The article was actually a tour of her loft and she was talking about how her style had evolved over the last few years and I so related to that. Mine has as well.  I wonder if that is part of what burned me out on Gardenhouse?? My style is evolving and I need to reflect that through my work as well and I didn't think was happening..... Lightbulb! Ohhh getting deep here! lol.

It has been good for me to have some time off. I've had a few personal things to deal with and have come out on the other side of those felling good and centered because I was able to handle them without the added pressures of staying up until all hours of the morning filling the shop, facebooking about it and blogging.  Sometimes it is refreshing to just have some mental time to do what you want...but I tend to fill a lot of that time with trips to Homegoods and far of antiques stores that I read about on blog,which I have of course found via pinterest! ! lol. So I think I had better start making more of a plan and re-committing to something!

I have thought often about which parts of Gardenhouse I miss and which ones I don't, and whether any of it will be back or not. As I ask myself what can stay and what can go, or if it all just needs to go and I need to move on to something else I have realized that I am still 110% obsessed with clutches...and vintage jewelry. It's funny..... that's where I started. Maybe a return to that? Maybe. I do miss it!

I hope you have enjoyed the smattering of super chic, super stylish clutches.....Here's a treat....a man bag!

I'd say that's Brad Goreski if the cammo was not in the picture ;)  Happy Stylish Friday! Rock a clutch today!
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