Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pattern Love

Just popping in to say Hi after a day at the golf course with Mr. H. We spent the day at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club. Ummm, can someone please tell me how I didn't manage to find a house in Brentwood when we moved here?? Ohhhh yeah, we're not made of money - and it doesn't grow on trees! That's right!! We had a great time following Phil and some of the greats and I even landed my mug on TV! Did you see me? Five feet away from Jonathan Byrd as he shanked one on the 11th. My SIL was up at my parents house and my mom jumped up and said Simone was just on my SIL had to call me to verify. Although I did know enough to silence my phone I had no idea that I shouldn't actually be talking on a cell phone on the course... at all....not even when the players are not around! You can get tackled for that! At least I didn't make a total scene and choose to wear heels! lol.
I've been chilling this evening, watching TV with Brian and pinning serious deliciousness. I have a few that are too good to keep hidden. Numero uno....this couch!

I want I need I have to have!! I am 110% obsessed with pink couches lately. And that pillow is TDF! Anyone know who the pink fabric is by?? I neeeeeed!
And how about this fabulous chair? I am loving the over sized floral print. I'm pretty sure it's a Designers Guild fabric.

I have had quite a chill day today, but spent yesterday prettying up an old 6' folding table. I love the way it turned out- I would have paid a fortune for it if I saw it in Anthropologie! I'll share that with you this week....once it is back in place in the studio. Yes, that was one more attempt at procrastinating painting the dressers in Avery's room. Yes, tomorrow....tomorrow is the day!

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