Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Oscars....

Last night a  friend swung by my facebook page hoping for the usual red carpet banter that comes with an awards show.  We were watching the Oscars as a family, Mr. H included and he was being hilarious...I made some remark about it and he said he didn't want his commentary to be facebooked, twittered or pinterested! lol. I told him it was "Pinned" not "pinterested."  So my commentary stayed off of facebook for the night. B said nothing about being blogged though. :) I am sure next time he will cover his bases better!

Brian actually sat down to watch the red carpet before I did and kindly rewound it for me to see. His immediate fave.... Emma Stone. Next in line was Gwenneth Paltrow and Michelle Williams. The convo went like this
B: Oh Simone you have to see Emma Stone. Best Dressed. And Gwenneth Paltrow too.
Me: Gwenneth was modern and sleek I bet, right.
B: How do you know that?
Me: I'm a stylist baby!

Tim Gunn was talking to Michelle Williams about her dress (which by the way was one of my faves) and she mentioned that the best thing about is was the color, which she could not pin point. Tim said it was coral. Brian said he thought coral was a blue green color, because you know, coral is in the ocean??  lol. I was dying.

When Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz were presenting, Brian turns to me and says "Oh my I think her n-i-p-p-l-e is showing." My response, "Babe, the kids can spell" He was just on fire all night!

Overall, what did I think about the Oscars? It was boring. The dresses were fab-- Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Chastain were tdf!

Jessica Chastains McQueen was beyond. I die over that beading...and it seriously set off the color of her hair. Loved it! Cameron Diaz dress was beyond...that flame stitich beading....oh drool! I thought she should have had a bit more jewelry up top.... but the dress was amaze.

So there you have it. The commentary, on the blog instead! (a little less smart ass than what normally occurs on facebook, I must say!)

What did you lovely ladies think of the Oscars? Any fave's?

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Mande said...

Michelle Williams was my favorite. My hubby liked Cameron's dress best. Jessica Chastain also looked gorgeous, but that gorgeous vintage bow brooch sealed Michelle as my favorite.

Hena Tayeb said...

But then again aren't they always boring..

I love Octavia Spencer... it is much harder for the plus size women and I think she look brilliant.

J.lo was awful in my opinion.. she was trying way to hard.