Monday, February 6, 2012

Love is in the air!

The love thaaang has hit me!! I'm not usually a big Valentine's Day gal but for some reason this year, I'm all over it! Maybe Pinterest has something to do with it! lol. That front page always sets me going!

Anyway, would you not DIE over this love sign? Ohhhhhhh dreamy! It's one of those things I would see from a distance at the flea market, my heart would skip a beat, I would walk my fastest-but-not-so-fast-as-to-tip-the-vendor-off-that-I-MUST-HAVE-THIS walk, ask how much (not even hear what they guy says) and proclaim "I'll take it."  I would wrap it up, take it home and try to justify to my one true love why this was a "needs it" purchase and why needs to be hung in our bedroom.  Yes I would!

I haven't been to the flea markets in quite some time and am feeling all empty inside.... so I think the game is back on! Can't wait!! Hopefully I'll have some 'love' inspired finds to share over the next few weeks. I have been pinning away on my Holiday pinterest board so head on over and check it out if you have some time....or even if you don't have the time! lol. And stay tuned over here....I have a bunch of Valentine's inspired posts in the works, along with a tutorial and a few fun party ideas.

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