Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspiration Workshop No. 22 - Organization...of jewelry

Hi Dolls! Have you been missing the Inspiration Workshop posts?? Me too!! Miss Gussy has moved to a more streamlined once a month Inspiration Workshop...which is completely understandable. I think starting this week, I shall try to post something inspiring every Thursday....but I need your help! Can you please make suggestions on what you would like to see??  I'd be happy to post whatever you would like! Just leave a comment with your suggestion ;)

This month's Gussy Sews Inspiration workshop prompt is {Organization} Gasp!!  I am not the most organized person-- If you saw the studio on some day...even with the shop not would think I was a hoarder!  {although there really is no such thing as hoarding when it comes to fabric, right??} My current organization issue is jewelry. I am making Mr. H INSANE with my jewelry covering every surface in our bedroom!

I have been scouring pinterest and the net for ideas to help me make a plan---- I have found a few but honestly, most are for people who do not have a {slight} jewelry obsession like myself. Option one is to covert an armoire to a giant jewelry box.... sort of like in the photo above. I have A LOT to organize. There are two corners in our bedroom room that I could use as my jewelry dept....planning on only using one of them... My other option is just loads of wall hooks and saturating the whole corner with the jewelry...sort of like this--

A fabric covered board for brooches, and loads of trays to make the chaos look a bit more contained. What do you think?? What is your biggest organization dilemma? And ho do you sole it? Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd love to hear them!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Linking up with Gussy Sews! I will for sure be checking out all the helpful links on organization that will be posted.

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Bonny said...

Simone I saw a lovely piece of furniture on Pinterest that had a lot of smaller drawers! You could always use something on top to display and switch out pieces.
The drawers with your gorgeous taste could be labeled according to content. Just a suggestion ---
I quilt and am going to start some aprons ... I have to have things organized but want some of my things displayed and I have large closet with shelves for my fabric collection, appliqué supplies + + +. :-)
If I find this piece will pin on my page and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen "The Amandas" on Style? They have great ideas for organization. Would love to hire them to organize the Hodge home!

Anonymous said...

Lady S - With all jewelry - I put them in nice bowls on the dresser & various other areas - earrings in 1 bowl, bracelets in 1 bowl etc. Necklaces I have hanging on door knobs in addition to the bowls. The peg board thing looks too much like a store...kind of... got to display them or after a while you forget what you even have...