Tuesday, February 7, 2012


An update on my "it" factor! I think I am getting cooler by the minute! And clearly less annoying- in a maj way!

Not sure if you know this-- you may remember my post a while back--but Mr. H drives a giant black Caddy. A DTS! The big one! It's like a hotel room on wheels, it's so big.   He is obsessed with it, calls it the cream puff and washes it every weekend. Well, last Friday night I downloaded this song onto my phone.

Popped it on in the cream puff - loooouuuuuuddd baby! And picked the girls up from dance class...you know, the dance class where everyone stands outside when they are done and their parents just valet up to get them. Bass pumpin' and I'm rockin' out in the cream puff! Yeah, baby! The girls were horrified by loved me and my Lady Gaga! I was double fab with my country version of Born this Way...right??  Fo' sho'!
AND I just discovered that Sugarland and Lady Gaga performed together! Oh MY! I am beyond obsessed with Jennifer Nettles-- she is just the coolest gal eva'! And I'm cool too, because most moms would have no clue that Lady Gaga and Sugarland make a great team!

I am turning into my dad more and more every day! Love you daddy!
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Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS! What did you think about Madonna's half time show? Hope my body looks like hers at 53! XO Amy H