Wednesday, February 22, 2012

B vs. Z

Most of you know how totally obsessed I am with Rachel Zoe, yes? Remember back when Brad was her assistant? And then he left? And I honestly didn't pay much attention to it. Things moved on and then those adverts for Brad's new show started popping up. Well I finally got around to setting it up on TiVo and I have been having myself a BradBrad party over here!(in an effort to further procrastinate on the finishing touches of Avery's room! lol)  I have to say I might have a new style crush!  Could he replace Adam Levine on my list?? Possibly...but probably not ;) They should be on separate lists, no?

If you don't watch It's a Brad Brad World, you really should! Brad is adorable! He cries at the drop of a hat, is funny and endearing,  has great taste and he LOVES color! Love me some Brad! Could he not only knock Adam Levine off the top of my list but RZ too?? Maybe....we'll see! Now back to painting. I opted for painting a smaller table for Avery's room so I can set up a little vanity in her avoid more posts like this one..... This bad boy has already take 5 coats of paint, and I'm not even to the Union jack part yet! argh! So glad I opted for a smaller piece! I'm hoping to be able to fit a WIWW post in today too...if not...tomorrow.
Happy Hump day!

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