Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What not to wear

One of my best friends has lost a significant amount of weight recently and has asked me to make-over her wardrobe. I could not be more excited!  It's for sure going to be a lot of work as Cindy is one of those "you can lead a horse to water" types. I am literally going to have to spell everything out for her. I found this "How to Wear Jeans" tidbit that I find so great I had to share it with all of you! Now that just leaves me to explain to Cindy the difference between, boyfriend, skinny, and high waisted flair-- although she does know what the f-me pumps are! lol.

Cindy still has a few more pounds to go before I do the full on What not to wear-- Simone style-- but I am already making plans. I am starting to compile inspiration from pinterest and will be pinning outfits and clothes that I think will work for her over the next few weeks. Tune into my Wardrobe Makeover pinboard...it's going to be fun! Cindy has a bit of a wild personality so I know I'll be able to push the envelope a little bit-- at least with prints! Think animal!

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Anonymous said...

You are the PERFECT person to take on this challenge....how fun! You have an awesome sense of style, so your friend is very lucky! XO Amy